Leadership Academy

January 2016 Leadership Academy

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Track Description
   faculty: Mark Erikson
This track focuses on developing skills needed to manage all elements and resources of a chapter. You will learn how to work with a Board to develop and manage products/services offered to the members, public and community within which your chapter is located. You will be taught basic parliamentary procedures, effective communication skills, leadership behaviors/styles. You will learn what actions are legal within the framework of the chapter operation, and how to create a strategic business plan including the staffing and budging of resources. You will be taught problem solving techniques that can be used to reduce the impact of issues that are present when things go wrong and/or people fail to perform as expected. The overall focus is developing membership skills through interactive exercise/learning.
   faculty: Mark Fuerniss
This track prepares new and veteran chapter secretaries to handle the numerous operational functions of the chapter. The class covers all areas of chapter operation (e.g., membership record keeping and function, legal responsibilities and requirements, communication services to chapter members and between the chapter, district and Society). You’ll also be trained to use the Society web links (e.g., Document Center and “Members Only” area) to complete chapter functions online. A focus of the program is on developing the chapter secretary as THE support contact for between the chapter and the District and Society.
   faculty: Larry Warrick
The Treasurer track is a guided discussion of the Society’s financial accounting procedures, as well as IRS accounting and reporting requirements. The combined session with the Presidents/Secretaries covers common requirements and ensures that each officer knows what is required of the other in support of these critical positions. “Quicken’ as a financial management/reporting tool, which is available on the Society web is demonstrated. There is also a heavy emphasis on planning, building, and using a budget to assist the chapter meet its financial goals. Much of the training will be on preparing you to provide key deliverables required by your office (e.g., monthly balance sheet and income statement, transaction summaries for event costing/tracking/management and IRS 990 requirements/equivalents, etc.).
 faculty: Jim Bagby
Ever wonder where emcees at district conventions and competitions come from?  How they get their material?  How they handle the hundreds of small emergencies that crop up at every event?  How they keep the butterflies down?  Here’s your chance to learn tricks of the emcee trade that you can use for your chapter events.  Registrants will learn what it takes to be selected for training for certification as an emcee for district (and beyond?) events.  No experience necessary!