Welcome to the Central States District

A subsidiary of the Barbershop Harmony Society, the Central States District is a six-state district in the Midwest for men and women of all ages to come together for harmony and fellowship.

CSD Succeeds in Salt Lake City!


fleet street - 27th (80.8%)

boomtown - 28th (80.6%)

spitfire - 38th (78.9%)

harmonium - 46th (77.8%)

ambassadors of harmony - 2nd (96.5%)

central standard - 4th (93.0%)

smorgaschorus - 21st (81.2%)

pathfinders - 26th (79.3%)

city limits - 3rd (78.6%)

stand-by - 7th (75.5%)

Kansas city barber q - 15th (69.7%)

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fleet street

District Quartet Champions



supernovice champions


novice champions

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date night

mixed champions

Ambassadors of Harmony-001.jpg

ambassadors of harmony

aaa champions, district chorus champions, international rep. to salt lake city

central standard

aa champions


Kevin keller

2018 hall of fame recipient