Expense Voucher


  • District Officers & Program Administrators/VP’s
  • District Committee Chairmen


  • *Attach original receipts or invoices for all listed expenses
  • Send voucher to the District Treasurer. Treasurer will submit expenses to the President for approval before payment.
  • Expense vouchers need to be submitted within 30 days after an event for reimbursement.


  • Complete one form for each trip. Keep a duplicate copy for your file.
  • Use a separate voucher for each officer, coach or chairman.
  • Sign the original voucher and mail with receipts. Emails are acceptable.


  • Please car pool when possible. Only one person in a car pool can submit mileage and parking fees.
  • Auto—enter total mileage to be reimbursed at 30¢ per mile.
  • Air—coach fare permitted when mileage exceeds 250 miles on way.


  • Lodging expenses will be considered when travel time is greater than two hours one-way and meeting starts before 9 am or ends after 9 pm.
  • All lodging will be reimbursed at one-half the cost of a two-bed room unless special circumstances have been approved in advance.


  • Meals are your personal expense and are not reimbursable.


  • Note name of person called and purpose of call on phone bills. Instead of a phone call, please us e-mail or snail-mail whenever possible.


  • Attach receipts from the post office when buying a quantity of stamps or making deposits for bulk mail. Otherwise, enter amount for personal stamps used.


  • Miscellaneous supplies like CDs, DVDs Thumb Drives or special supplies must be approved by the District Program Vice President or events chairman before purchases can be made.

If necessary use additional paper for additional explanations.

Click here for expense voucher download EXCEL…fill in and send to Larry Warrick CSD Treasurer

Click here for expense voucher download PDF…fill in and send to Larry Warrick CSD Treasurer