Virtual HEP School

March 20, 2021

Come be a part of the first (and hopefully last) VIRTUAL HEP SCHOOL!

We have seven amazing coaches working with seven fantastic quartets. This will all take place via Zoom, and you're invited to join in the fun!


All coaching sessions are "under glass", meaning all are welcome to sit in and observe some top-notch coaching. If you do decide to enter a coaching session, you MUST stay on mute the entire time as to not disturb the coach and quartet.


Zoom Links



Riverside Rhythm


David and Sandi Wright, 9-10a


Kevin Keller, 10:20-11:20a

Rik Johnson, 11:40a-12:40p  




David and Sandi Wright, 10:20-11:20a 


Rik Johnson, 1-2p


Rich Knight, 2:20-3:20p


Performance Check


David and Sandi Wright, 1-2p


Kevin Keller, 2:20-3:20p


Rich Knight, 3:40-4:40p


Staff Party


Rich Knight, 1-2p


David and Sandi Wright, 2:20-3:20p


Rik Johnson, 3:40-4:40p


Swing Shift


Kevin Keller, 9-10a


Rik Johnson, 10:20-11:20a


Matt Webber, 1-2p


Ad Astra


Kevin Keller, 11:40a-12:40p




Rob Mance, 9-10a


Rich Knight, 10:20-11:20a


Kevin Keller, 1-2p




David and Sandi Wright


Riverside Rhythm, 9-10a


Roundabout, 10:20-11:20a


Performance Check, 1-2p


Staff Party, 2:20-3:20p


Rik Johnson


Swing Shift, 10:20-11:20a


Riverside Rhythm, 11:40a-12:40p


Roundabout, 1-2p


Staff Party, 3:40-4:40p


Kevin Keller


Swing Shift, 9-10a


Riverside Rhythm, 10:20-11:20a


Ad Astra, 11:40a-12:40p


DoubleStuf, 1-2p


Performance Check, 2:20-3:20p


Matt Webber


Swing Shift, 1-2p


Rich Knight


DoubleStuf, 10:20-11:20a


Staff Party, 1-2p


Roundabout, 2:20-3:20p


Performance Check, 3:40-4:40p


Rob Mance


DoubleStuf, 9-10a






Come hang out from 4:45-???