February 2-3, 2018

Missouri western university

hotel information


radisson - st. joseph MO - $75/night

to book your room, call the hotel directly at 816-279-8000. you must let them know that you are with the central states district, barbershop harmony society block to get the discounted rate.

Strategic Planning with David Montgomery

David Montgomery (bigredfrog@outlook.com) David coaches individuals and groups in enhancing their organizations through team-building, using board meetings to get things done, and determining strategic direction and activities for organizations.  He brings a 39-year career with Nebraska State government, during much of which he served as Executive Administrator for the Nebraska State Board of Health and worked extensively with the state legislature. He began barbershopping in 2007 as the District Vice-president for Chapter Support and Leadership, from which position he will step down in 2018.  David sings with the Beatrice Homestead Harmonizers and has served as president and secretary of his chapter.  He was named the CSD Barbershopper of the Year in 2017.

STRATEGIC PLANNING:  Don't let the name scare you -- strategic planning is neither complicated nor drudgery.  You do it every time you plan a trip.  You know where you are -- you know where you want to go -- then you decide how to get there.  That, in a nutshell, is strategic planning.  You start by describing your chapter's strong and weak points.  Then you describe what you want your chapter to be and do in the near future.  Then you figure out how to get there, setting yourself milestones along the way so you'll know you're on the right course.  And pulling all this together with your chapter is a great opportunity for fellowship and team-building! This class will give you all the tools you need to start your chapter on the road to shaping its own future.

personal leadership in action with greg caetano & John donehower

Greg Caetano (greg.caetano@gmail.com) A barbershopper since June 1986 with memberships in Concord, MA, Hudson MA, Northbrook IL, and Houston TX and served in Director roles in each Chapter. Currently serving as a Performance Judge, formerly as Presentation Judge and a former Interpretation Judge. Greg has served as NED District President, on the BHS Society Board of Directors, member of the BHS Society Board Nominating Committee and currently on the Leadership Operations team.

John Donehower (johndonehower@charter.net) John sang in his first Barbershop quartet at the ripe old age of 12 as part of the Young Men in Harmony Program at his Junior High School in the Seventies, but didn’t join the Society until he was attending the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in 1984.  Since joining BHS, John has been a member of 5 Chapters in 3 Districts and has served in most every Chapter Administrative office you can name and has spent a total of 15 of those years as the Musical Director of two Chapters.  John served as a member of the Society Board of Directors from 2015-2017, became a BHS certified facilitator in 2017, and, in 2018, will continue to serve as a member of the BHS Board’s Strategic Planning Committee.  John is an avid quartet singer with vast experience in not winning and credits his many past failures for all his future successes.

Personal Leadership in Action 1

The Five Practices of Leadership

The difference between thriving and surviving organizations is leadership; leaders have a vision and the ability to translate that vision into reality. Learn about the five practices of leadership: a driving passion for realizing the vision, building relationships of trust, unleashing the motivation of members, acting as a social architect, acting from a positive belief about people. Be the leader your chapter needs.

Giving Great Feedback

How do others know when your expectations have been met – or not? Use motivational and corrective feedback to build confidence and competence in others. As performers and volunteers, we thrive on feedback that is well delivered. Recognize the Achievers! Learn the “fit, focus and timing” of good feedback. Plan your next feedback.

The Five Roles of Leaders

Everyone expect their leaders to have some technical competence and to be good managers. They also demand that leaders take on the roles of Trailblazer to imagine the future, Coach to develop people and Architect to build systems that support the chapter. As a leader, what has been your role, and how can you become the leader that your chapter needs? How can you best support your chapter into the future?

Member Capability Audit

It takes many members using their skills and talents to support a chapter and chorus. It also takes willingness - the desire, courage, and confidence - to use those skills in a chapter setting. Use a member capability audit to assess the skills and willingness of members for any task or role. Learn how to lead those members according to their skill/willingness.

Setting and Achieving Goals

What are your chapter’s plans for growing in Performance, Membership, Leadership and Community Outreach? Learn the SMART goal-setting process that supports your strategy and objectives.  Understand the benefits, obstacles, actions; measure your success using the right metric. This process works for individuals, quartets, teams, committees, and chapters.

Chapter Assessment: The Chapter Assessment is a tool developed for our Society Chapters to gather information to ultimately assist chapters who are seeking to improve in one or more areas. It is designed to be a tool for a chapter advocate or coach to collect information to assist and make recommendations to the chapter. It can also be used by the chapter for self-assessment. Our facilitators are available to individually meet with chapters or provide an overview of the benefits of using the Chapter Assessment.

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emcee training with jim bagby

Jim Bagby (jbagby3@kc.rr.com) is a third-generation barbershopper and a 56-year Society member.  He has been a master of ceremonies in the CSD since the 1980s and taught emcee classes at Harmony College.  Jim twice has been an MC at international competition.   At the chapter level, he has held virtually every job except secretary and treasurer.  He directed Kansas City's Heart of America Chorus for 25 years and in 16 international competitions. He is now director emeritus for HOA. He is the only two-time CSD Barbershopper of the Year and is in the district Hall of Fame with the Rural Route 4.  He also sang with the 1982 district champs, Harmony Spectrum and numerous other quartets.   At the Society level, Jim is a former board member, is a certified Master Director, was named Judge Emeritus last year, has earned the Joe Liles Lifetime Chorus Director Achievement Award and is a frequent contributor to the Harmonizer.  He and Joann have been married 54 years, have one daughter and three grandchildren.  He is retired after 34 years as an editor with the Associated Press.

Master of Ceremonies, Quartet and Chorus Spokesman 

Ever wonder where convention emcees come from?  How do you decide who steps forward to speak for a chorus or quartet?   Where do they get their material?  How they handle the possible small emergencies that crop up at every event?  How they keep the butterflies down?  Here’s your chance to learn tricks of the emcee trade that you can use for your quartet and chapter events.  Registrants will learn what it takes to be selected for certification as an emcee for district (and beyond?) events.  No experience necessary!

treasurer course with larry warrick

Larry Warrick (biglare01@msn.com) has been chapter treasurer for 21 years and District Treasurer since 2011. Society member 38 yrs in the Des Moines Chapter. Chapter accomplishments, Past President, Treasurer, General Show chairman, Local convention chairman 3 times, and BOTY 1988. Use to sing lead and now sings bass. Originating member of Quodlibet Quartet singing lead. CSD BOTY for 2010. Larry married his high school sweetheart, Vicki. Vicki and daughter Charyl sing in the Harmony Central Chorus, the Des Moines Sweet Adeline Chorus.


 The Treasurer track is a guided discussion of the Society's financial accounting procedures, as well as IRS accounting and reporting requirements. The combined session with the Presidents/Secretaries covers common requirements and ensures that each officer knows what is required of the other in support of these critical positions. “Quicken’ as a financial management/reporting tool, which is available on the Society web is demonstrated. There is also a heavy emphasis on leadership, planning, building, and using a budget to assist the chapter to meet its financial goals. Much of the training will be on preparing you to provide key deliverables required by your office (e.g., monthly balance sheet and income statement, transaction summaries for event costing/tracking/management and IRS 990 requirements/equivalents, etc.).