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District leadership sees news faces

The 2021 CSD Leadership features a blend of new and old faces as well as some old faces in new roles.

The CSD Board of Directors is seeing some shuffling around as Duane Lawson (Metro Kansas City) ascends to the District President spot from his previous role as Executive Vice President. Replacing Lawson in his former role is Matt Suellentrop (St. Charles, Mo.). Chad Schuetz (Central Kansas) moves into the Immediate Past President role. A new face to the CSD Board of Directors is Mike Bass (St. Charles, Mo.) who leaves his role on the Program Activities Team to fill the role of Missouri/Arkansas Vice President.

The Program Activities Team also has some new faces, including Jonathan Andrews (Topeka, Kan.) taking on his first district leadership role as the Vice President of Youth Outreach Coordinator. Also new to the scene are Joy Suellentrop (St. Charles, Mo.) filling the role of Convention Chair, and Chrissy Busby filling the role of Stage Manager. Doug Brott (Metro Kansas City) moves up from the assistant role to take the role of Vice President of Events. Lastly, long-time CSD member and former BHS President Don Fuson (Kansas City, Mo.) takes on the role of Vice President of Membership.

For a full list of all district leadership and their contact information, visit

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