The SOP (Standing Ovation Program) is the result of a request made by the Society Board of Directors to the Society Music and Performance Committee to design a voluntary program that choruses and quartets can use to evaluate their public performances.

The SOP is for any chorus or quartet that wants to entertain their audiences and hopefully earn a standing ovation.

A chorus or quartet requests that an SOP Reviewer look at their performance package (this may be during a live performance or a rehearsal), then the reviewer notes the strengths and weaknesses of the performance.

Only the person or persons who requested the review. No one but the reviewer and the chorus or quartet is aware of the of the contents of the report. The district and society are informed that a review was done but the results of the review are kept in confidence by the reviewer.

Having a review done gives you a baseline of where you are now, including both strengths and weaknesses. You can gain information about resources that are available to help in the improvement of your public performances. Public performances are great recruiting tools, fund raisers and community service projects.

Since the district will pick up the travel cost, you might be out a couple of tickets if you are requesting a review of your show and possibly a meal and/or lodging. This is all something you work out with the reviewer ahead of time.

We will try to find a reviewer who can do the job for you. You and the reviewer will be put in contact to work out all the details. After the review happens, the reviewer sends his report to you. You then evaluate the report and the reviewer.

You might not be completely aware of just what this Standing Ovation Program is about.
Well, it is about providing your chapter with a show reviewer who has training and experience; an individual who has a genuine desire to provide valuable insight from an audience vantage point.
This could include these elements, plus any tailored at your request:
Venue appeal, signage, parking, greeters, handicap accessibility, program bulletin, ushers,
seating comfort, lighting, sound, staging, master of ceremonies, show opener, flow of show,
variety of show, quality of guest performers, involvement with audience, intermission
facilities, show ending, interaction with audience in lobby and the level of enjoyment at the
afterglow. All of this is provided at little expense to your chapter; a ticket or two to the show and afterglow and a possible night’s lodging in a members home. The reviewers volunteer to share their time, and CSD takes care of the mileage expense.

As the “new guy on the block”, I am asking for your help to make this program be of good value to your chapter.

Here are the ways I am asking for your assistance:

       1. Place a request for a SOP reviewer to attend your next show and provide good feedback to
your show team. Just as contest judges provide valuable insight to help your chapter improve
on singing and performance, the SOP reviewer will provide valuable insight to help your
chapter improve in other ways pleasing to your audience.

       2. Provide feedback to me after your review has been completed. You will be helping us improve
the SOP program in our district.

       3. If one of our reviewers is not available, would you ask one of your spouses or other follower
to provide a review and make it available to me. The more information obtained, the better
job we can do with our reviewer training. I can provide a form for the local “reviewer”.

       4. Encourage one of your members to become a CSD reviewer. (Job description provided upon

        5. Any suggestions you have to improve the program and the promotion of it.

With your help, we can have a successful and growing SOP Program within our CSD, which will benefit your chapter and your “patrons in their seats”.

Saying”THANKS” in advance, and looking forward to hearing from you this year,

Rob Sabata
CSD SOP Program

List of Reviewers:

Chuck Ames
Al Higgins
Bill McLaurine
Ron Morden
Lud Einess
John Marshall
Gale Demaree
Jim Nugent
Don Fuson
Bob Frankenfeld
JP Marshall
Bob Aderholt