omaha, nebraska

APRIL 19-22, 2018

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Hotel & Venue - hotel RL

3321 s 72nd street

Omaha, ne, 68124



to book your hotel, please contact the group reservationist at 402-517-3083, MOnday through friday, 8am-5pm. Be sure to mention that you are with the "csd Barbershop group" to get the convention rate.

registration information


  • regular- $70

  • youth (25 & under)- $35

  • individual session tickets will be available at the door for $25.


online registration is now closed. you may purchase on site at the registration table in the lobby.

Educational Classes


Creating a Common Resonance – Maximize Chord Ringing and Musicality with Cary Burns

Nebraska A - 10:00am

Learn simple, effective, and unusual techniques to lock and ring chords at the next level.  You’ve probably learned about vowels, posture, breathing, tuning, etc.  That’s a lot to remember.  These techniques will allow you to simplify your thought process so you can spend more time creating artistry while ringing those barbershop chords. 


Melodic Motion with Matthew Gifford

Nebraska A - 11:00am

Chorus Draw


0. Little Apple Chorus - Manhattan, KS  [Plateau  AA]  Dir - Michael Brown  {For Score/Evals Only.}

1. Chorus of the Plains - Hastings, NE  [Plateau  A]  Dir - Lonnie Miner; Ray Crowl

2. The Heartland Harmonizers - Omaha, NE  [Plateau  B]  Dir - Matthew S. Coombs

3. Cody Choraliers - Leavenworth, KS  [Plateau  A]  Dir - Lucas Pherigo

4. Ozark Overtones - Springfield, MO  [Senior Chorus]  Dir - Jeff Veteto

5. SmorgasChorus - South Central Kansas  [Plateau  AA]  Dir - Matt Webber  {For Score/Evals Only.}

Quartet Draw

1. Ring Theory - Int'l Prelim

2. Old Habits - Int'l Prelim

3. DoubleStuf - Int'l Prelim

4. Tornado Alley - Int'l Prelim

5. BoomTown - Int'l Prelim

6. Kingsmen - Int'l Prelim

7. Fleet Street - Int'l Prelim

8. Good Ol' Boys - Int'l Prelim and Senior

9. Reply All - Int'l Prelim


10. Happy Medium - Int'l Prelim

11. Senior Varsity - Int'l Prelim

12. Minor Details - Int'l Prelim

13. Can Belto - Int'l Prelim

14. Antique Harmony - Senior

15. Harmonium - Int'l Prelim

16. Diminished Capacity - Senior

17. Connect Four - Int'l Prelim

18. Priorities  - Int'l Prelim

judging panel

contest administration

warren fuson (nsc), Bill mclaurine (csd)

Candidate- Phil Vandyke (CSD)


cary burns (fwd), paul wigley (LOL)


paul agnew (sun), gary steinkamp (fwd)

candidates- jon kready (CSD), charlotte murray (BHNZ)


matt gifford (BHNZ), chad guyton (dix)

candidates- aaron evans (DIX), andrew rembecki (CSD)